A group of kids have got together and started copying the Brazilian footballers theatrics of falling on the field on minimal contact.
Practising the 'Neymar'

One of the greatest contemporary Brazilian footballer Neymar, it drawing great criticism for falling to the ground on the slightest touch and mimicking an injury. 

Osorio, the Mexico coach, said: “I think it’s a shame for football. We wasted a lot of time because of one player. We stopped too often. I think this is a very negative example for the world of football and all the children who are following this game. This is a strong sport, a man’s sport and I think there shouldn’t be so much acting.”

These kids have created a viral video mimicking Neymar's behaviour

Neymar has attracted a lot of negative attention during this World Cup. Social media fans mocked his overdramatic reactions which had him flopping on the ground after a minor foul by a Mexican player.

It was revealed he had  spent almost 14 minutes on the ground in the 2018 Russia World cup.


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